Time Out

Time Out programme was successfully established as a DayCare Ageingin Place initiative. This programme caters for our Treasured Older Adults 55 years old and over. It includes Pacific Older People with Alzheimer’s or those who have suffered strokes and are lonely or live alone during the day and need care. The objective of the programme is to promote the benefits of living a gratifying and healthy life in our older years.

It allows the Pacific Older People to participate in activities in the community which work towards enhanced health and wellbeing. These activities include safe living, healthy eating, and the exercising of the mind and body. The exercises are based around pacific dance and movement. This programme ceased to be funded in 2005. The attendance has increased steadily and had received contingency funding from the Minister for Child Youth and Family in 2005.

This programme has become a key form of information dissemination Chanel for older people carers and families, it continues with the funds from Counties Manukau District Health Board.