Empower to Pamper

The Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Coordination branded as the, Empower to Pamper (ETP) Programme is designed to prevent the occurrence of neglect and abuse of Pacific Older people.  TOA Pacific actively promotes the Rights of Older Persons and encourages older people that it is OK to speak their mind with family members and others. It also assists with helping Older Persons to make decisions for themselves as well as being independent.

TOA Pacific support our Pacific Older People to assert their rights in a safe and friendly environment.  To date, financial (fraud, scams) abuse, emotional/psychological abuse and some neglect or physical abuse are found among the older people referred to the organisations.

We will continue to work closely with the older people, their carers and their families to identify issues and regain the love and respect they deserve.

TOA Pacific Operating Principles for the Older Persons

-When we care for one another
-When we are all treated with respect
-When I have a say

-Medically: according to professionals
-Morally/Spiritually: when we are happy and enabled
-Socially: when we receive quality care
-Mentally: when we can rely on each other

-When we are close; physically, morally, mentally
-When we are supported
-When we are cared for
-When we are allowed to think for ourselves

-When we are allowed to make our own decisions
-When we are able to have our own financial responsibility
-When we are enabled to use public transport on our own

Aiga/Family Carer provide care tirelessly, without pay, and mostly do not have a holiday or a break.
Do we value our older people and their carers?