This is a Heath and Disability Information/Education programme of action for Pacific Older People in Counties Manukau. Maama (Tongan and Nuiean for ‘the light”) was set up initially as an Ageing in Place initiative in 2003.
Staff facilitate the setting up of Pacific Older Peoples’ groups, and deliver training packages that serve to assess and inform our Older People of appropriate and timely care and services that are available.

“Success for the MAAMA programme means – families are better informed and linked to the right services.”

Maama uses traditional pacific music and dance to encourage pacific elders and their aiga carers to connect, share and be active.
The Maama programme enhances pacific older people’s connections to community and information through active sharing of news and stories across its networks and activities. Participants of the programme are supported to co-design the programme so that it reflects the needs of the group. (Ongoing evaluation is built into the design)
Maama operates its programme from Head office and at other locations as required or funded to do so.
All TOA Pacific programmes of delivery are measured through Results Based Accountability. This goes beyond the question of “How Many?” , and explores the quality and more importantly the actual outcomes. We constantly ask ourselves “Is anyone better off?” It is through this accountability framework that we remain adaptive and responsive to the moving needs of our communities at all times.