Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Faka alofa lahi atu,
Kia orana, Ni sa bula vinaka, Taloha ni,
Halo olaketa, Kam na mauri,
and warm Pacific greetings




TOA Pacific Incorporated Society is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the Rights, Safety and Wellbeing of ‘Treasured Older Adults’, Aiga Carers and Pacific families.

TOA Pacific works in line with the New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy and the New Zealand Disability Strategy to improve opportunities for Treasured Older Adults and aiga carers to participate in the community in a way that they choose. 
TOA Pacific empowers Pacific Older People to be independent, to participate and therefore contribute to the community. It is our mission to inform our older people of their rights and the importance of maintaining their health, wellbeing and independence.  Therefore, in general they will be able to live a life of self-fulfillment and dignity.  By doing this TOA Pacific caters for their needs, whether they have a disability or not, as well as the needs of their families and indeed their Carers. 
TOA Pacific is a member of Carers Alliance New Zealand and has the support of Carers NZ.  TOA Pacific has also had a voice at the Alliance Executive Committee that had active contribution to the development of the Carers Strategy launched in April 2008.  Serving the needs of Pacific Aiga Carers (PAC) nationwide is a key vision of the organisation through engaging and enlisting the support of non profit organisations.
TOA Pacific’s commitment to assuring older Pacific people experience peace and pampering with its Elder abuse and neglect prevention contract 2000, has prepared the organization for its commitment to work with families towards being  strong, vibrant and nurturing.  
The organisation uses its Strengths based practice and RBA tools to support  families where there is violence to work towards valuing  each other with respect and understanding.
Our Vision



“Every Pacific older adult, Aiga carer and family in Aotearoa is safe, well and valued by their community.”



Our Mission



TOA Pacific promotes prolonged independence for older Pacific people, informed Aiga carers and families that are strong, vibrant and nurturing by having a family centered and outcome driven approach that:
  • Older adults are valued and treasured;
  • Support of parents and Aiga carers;
  • And assures nurturing of children and youth.


  1. TOA Pacific will provide leadership in delivering services to treasured older adults, Aiga carers and families.
  2. TOA Pacific will deliver an effective and inclusive service to our communities.
  3. TOA Pacific will sustain its capacity of recruiting and maintaining highly skilled staff and volunteers to ensure they are valued and   supported to be able to service Pacific communities.
  4. TOA Pacific will achieve best practice principles to administration.
  5. TOA Pacific will create a strong plan for growth, legacy and succession of excellence.




Intentional Outcomes



TOA Pacific will be dedicated to the ongoing development and implementation of the following in the next 5 years:
  • Building Capacity and capability within TOA Pacific in response to an aging population
  • Clear process maps for all service delivery,
  • Operational plan – reviewed quarterly, in line with individual staff work plan review.
  • Continued accreditation under Child and Family Support Services and Community Services under s396(3) and x403(1) of the CYF Act 1989
  • Training and development..
Our work within our pacific communities will support:
Empowering our Pacific Older People to lead vibrant lives of prolonged independence.
Empowering families to take leadership and demonstrate valuing each member of the family with respect; and loving attention to their achievements and issues.
Working alongside Pacific Older people and Aiga Carers nationwide to ensure that their needs are met, guaranteeing better care for loved ones who are in need of fulltime care.
Offering service provider workshops based around pacific culture, dance and music, to support better cultural frameworks within mainstream service provision.
We will achieve our outcomes through:
Developing a Learning Centre that will enable older Pacific people to stay connected with their families and friends.  Offer an opportunity for elders to capture genealogy for younger generation empower Pacific Older People to teach each other or pass on their legacy to their pacific families, the younger generation;
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • wisdom
  • values
  • language
  • heritage
  • custom and tradition
  • identity
Cultural sensitivity Awareness when responding  to  the needs of our Pacific Older People and Pacific Aiga Carers  by teaching  key information and knowledge  that enables productive interaction
 Provision of a  service that caters for each Pacific ethnicity in terms of:
  • language
  • culture – custom and tradition
  • family environment
  • identity
  • Collaboration with other service providers to build collective impact in the sector, rise to the challenge of an aging population, resolve issues and  build Pacific families




TOA Pacific acknowledges that there are forms of disseminating information in the mainstream that will not be as effective as alternative modes that acknowledge each Pacific ethnicity, language and custom.

We will therefore be:

Encouraging our Pacific Older people to involve themselves in community activities hence contribute to the local community and therefore society. Involving our groups in local initiatives such as the Tiling project at the Library
Support the community to engage in Auckland Council Long Term Community Plan facilitated sessions,
Inviting local services to give a talk such as the Police, MOH Gout Advisors,
Informing and educating our Pacific Older People in the following:
  • the Rights of Older people
  • the services available to Older people through local agencies, service providers, and by the local and central government agencies
  • Support the needs of Families of TOAPAC with Whanau best outcomes intended
  • Work in partnership with service providers, agencies, churches, Older Peoples groups and the local and central government to provide better service for our Pacific families, Older People and all Aiga Carers that will contribute towards enhanced health and wellbeing.
Management and Staff


Malia Hamani (QSM & JP), is the General Manager and provides the day to day operational management of TOA Pacific. She inspires and leads her team to embrace the challenges that face TOA with courage,passion and innovative solutions. Malia also recognises the importantance and benefits of networking opportunities and positive collaborative relationships.

Name Role in Organisation Ethnicity
Malia Hamani Chief Executive Officer Tongan
Salome Siua Tahitu’a Project Leader Tongan
Marylynn Pereira Business Administrator Samoan
Lata Fale Social Worker Tongan
Lio Tafa Social Worker Samoan


Board Members


“To provide effective Governance and leadership that will guide Management and Staff to complete Business success,financial and social responsibilities.” 

Name Role Ethnicity
Christine Nurminen Chairperson Tongan
Tere Teariki Member Cook Islands
Ina Taveve Member Cook Islands
Sila Terepo Treasurer Tongan
Amelia Schaaf Member Tongan
Violesolo Toaetolu Member Samoan
Atonio Tuipe’a Member Samoan