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Treasuring Older Adults, Aiga Carers, Pacific Families

TOA Pacific Inc is an organisation committed to:

  • Advocating on behalf of Pacific Older People and Pacific Aiga Carers.
  • Leading the way actively treating Pacific Older People with care and respect.
  • Coordinating a collaboration mechanism and a nationwide network of Aiga Carers.



TOA is the general Polynesian term for the ironwood family, very well known for its strength. TOA and its variances also refer to the warrior heroes and/or the champions in Polynesia, leadership and strength are qualities usually associated with such persons. TOA is the acronym from Treasured Older Adults, an accolade given to our older persons as carriers of wisdom and treasures of yesteryears
Pacific is the collective abstract nation where our people hail from.

Services We Offer



Maama is a health and disability information/education service for pacific older people. Mamma uses traditional pacific music and dance to encourage pacific elders to connect, share and be active. Caters for older people with Alzheimer’s, have suffered stroke or live alone during the day. Participants enjoy exercise, dominoes, card playing or indoor bowls. Activities include safety in the home, balanced diet, and fall prevention.


Family Centred Services

An outcome driven and family centred approach that aims at strengthening families and work towards being vibrant and nurturing. Enhanced safety and well being is promoted. Service delivery is guided by the Pacific Conceptual Framework towards addressing existing or possible violence in Pacific in Aotearoa.


Aiga Carers

Since TOA Pacific Inc has been operating for Treasured Older Adults (TOA – Treasuring Older Adults), the Pacific Aiga Carers (PAC) and will always be considered as an important part of the lives of Pacific Older People. TOAPAC was then coined and promoted as a national Network for all Pacific Aiga Carers. TOA Pacific is a member of Carers Alliance hoisting the flag of TOAPAC. TOA Pacific values the support and inclusiveness of Carers NZ.


Empower To Pamper

The prevention of Elder Abuse and Neglect for Pacific People in Auckland. TOA Pacific works in a way that encourages older people and family to be more pampering of each other

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